Explore our Ministries

We know that helping people find and follow Jesus is going to take more than just Sunday visits. This is why we have created numerous ways for people to connect with one another and with God throughout the week. At New Hope Chapel, you’ll hear us call these “Ministries,” which is just our way of saying we want to serve people, whatever stage of life they are in, and create space for them to belong.



Downstairs during our Sunday Service, our Children’s Church is happening! While you are in the service, your kids will hear stories from the Bible and be taught important lessons about life in a fun and relevant atmosphere.

6th-12TH GRADE


Our 6th-8th grades class meets downstairs after worship time in our service concludes. They are taught by a team of awesome leaders afterward and learn about God and how to apply spiritual things in their life.

Our 9th-12th grades are invited to stay upstairs during the sermon.



We love our big family but we know it can be hard to find your place among the crowd. Our hope is that you will take advantage of our Community Groups which provides a more intimate setting for building relationships and helping one another grow. We call these settings “Community Groups” and we’d love for you to join one!