At New Hope Chapel we believe in Living for Jesus and  loving people. So we have outreach opportunities that we believe in and pour love and effort into and here are some of those opportunities.

Coat Outreach


This past October we were able to partners with the Boston Dream Center for a winter coat giveaway. During this outreach we were able to donate many coats to the Dream Center who in turn handed them out to the homeless and needy in Boston for the upcoming Winter. We saw a great turn out and handed out dozens on coats, scarfs, and hats simply for New Hope and many times more than that overall.

Back to School Outreach


In August of 2015 we were able to do a back to school backpack outreach. We partnered with  the Boston Dream Center and collected backpacks for children in need and transitional living areas. Boston Dream Center passed out over 300 backpacks and New Hope Chapel was able to donate 33 of those backpacks. We were encouraged by the generosity of our church and the other organizations that helped the Boston Dream Center.

Marshfield Fair Outreach


Every year during the Marshfield Fair we have an outreach program directed towards Seniors and Children. The Tuesday of the fair is Senior Day. During this day we pass out hundreds of lavender scented sachets that are made by some volunteers in the church. This year at the fair we interacted with more than 600 Seniors. Thursday of the fair is Children’s Day. During this time we pass out cross necklaces that we made for the children and they are able to decorate them with beads and other trinkets.

Our Live Nativity


The Christmas Season is the most anticipated season of the year, both for people and for the church. During the Christmas Season New Hope Chapel presents a “Live Nativity”. This is a time where volunteers from the church dress up and share the story of the birth of Jesus. Originally started on the Norwell Green, we have now began a nativity in Marshfield as well. This is a great outreach and lots of fun for everyone involved.